“Harrison Taylor is an extremely intuitive, sensitive, compassionate and professional therapist.  Through my work with him I finally have been able to heal some childhood wounds.  I have learned to more clearly identify my true feelings and to be more honest in expressing them.  I am more centered in my life and have more satisfying intimate relationships. “

“Harrison Taylor listens. Many people say they listen but with Harrison it is the real deal. Harrison takes notes, he remembers what you said, even months later. These are the details that separate true professionals like Harrison from the rest; and I have tried others. Excellent at his profession, Harrison doesn’t push you into uncomfortable situations yet doesn’t hesitate to make you aware of many ways to search yourself for inner strength. One quickly comes to trust him because his interest in you is genuine. He is a man who lives out his advice, makes mistakes like all of us but knows how to handle adversity; it is why I  connect with him. Harrison has truly made a difference in not only my life but that of my family.”